Warning: Nerd Alert

Guys! My number one guy spent the night. We started out the evening with a thrilling game of Star Wars battle something or other. Rylan said it was akin to a game called Heroes. Basically it was a game of light side vs the dark side; but set up like a grown up game, more commonly known as “Chess.” What it boiled down to was that he each took a turn killing someone on the opposing side. Ry chose the dark side, shocker! So I was forced to play the light side, and I have to admit folks, I was honored. The only rule my friends, was my guys couldn’t kill Darth Vader. I could attack any other of the dark side guys (my favorite thing was attacking the At-At’s after pretending to kill Vader. The kid fell for it every time). Darth Vader would then kill whichever figurine I had chosen to use against his forces.

Finally! I realized I had more than rebel troops and x-wing pilots, I HAD R2-D2. And when I realized it after losing half of my army, I exclaimed, “Ohhhhh!!!! I have R2-D2!!” To which Rylan promptly replied, “yeah you get to electrocute (people) to death,” in the squeaky creepy voice he sometimes gets when he describes oddly specific death scenarios. When I then proceeded to kill one of his Imperial army guys with R2-D2 and tried to retaliate, I had to draw the line; if Vader gets to live, so does R2-D2. I forgot to also mention, the first one he had Vader kill, was my ewok; so obviously I was taking this very hard.

Fortunately, Ry quickly gave up before I had to extend the same immunity to Hans, Chewy, and C-3PO (not sure where Luke was during this crisis and also, why wasn’t their a Leia).

I made him hot cocoa because I was fresh out of chocolate milk (but he didn’t want iced hot chocolate haha). He took up 3/4 of my bed with his knees and elbows in my back as he fell asleep after asking if we could listen to Harry Potter while falling asleep.

I love him and I cherish every single snuggle he lets me get.