Grace Exerpts

OK as promised, yet a little delayed, I started writing the first chapter. I have more, but since I am new to this, I haven’t decided how much I want to share at a time. Here is a snippet:


Grace and her little brother Cody, were dropped off at their grandparents late last night for an impromptu sleepover. This meant they were probably going to be there for a week. Maybe more since it was mid summer and Grace wasn’t in school. Cody cried and cried when they first got there. He stood by the door knocking to go outside; crying for his momma. Grace scooped him up the best she could and carried him  awkwardly up the stairs to grandma and grandpa’s living room. Grace was nine and Cody was three. Cody wasn’t quite familiar with these sudden dereliction of motherly duties. After all, it had been almost a year since their mom last dropped her children off with them. Cody probably couldn’t remember. Grace though, she stopped crying at the door a long time ago.